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iTunes and the iCloud

HD sceptic

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Does anyone know why iTunes insists periodically in moving some stuff to the iCloud?

I travel around a lot, and often don't have high speed internet access. I bought an iPad with a big capacity (128G) so I could buy TV shows and films from iTunes and watch them while I am away.

Before travelling out to Spain I downloaded a TV series and made sure it was on my Macbook pro. Now when I come to watch it half the episodes are back in the cloud.

It is the same on my iPad, I bought a couple of movies, downloaded them to my iPad, and now one of them is back in the cloud again!! It wasn't in the cloud earlier this month, cos I was watching it on a plane with flight ode turned on. I stopped the film, and tonight decided to watch the other half, and it's not there anymore. Now it s in the bloody cloud again!

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