iTunes and Photos

Greg Hook

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Why is iTunes such a pile of crap? :nono:

My iPad is getting too full so need to remove some photos from it, but it says my iPad is too full to sync (it magically has found 6GB of extra stuff it wants to put on it??), so I am trying to remove photos I have elsewhere.

Why on earth is not just a simple case of connect iPad, browse for photos, find photos, delete photos? It works like this with the iPhone so why not the iPad?

Any ideas? It won't let me sync, nor will the iPad let me delete the photos.3

I'm glad there is no longer too much of a need to use the restrictive piece of crap that is iTunes.


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I know the photo syncing with iTunes is pretty messy, although I don't have much need for it myself I have a friend who swears by Sugersync for keeping photos managed and in sync across computer and iOS device.

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