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Right, as you lot are AV experts, are you iTunes experts?

My question is that as I have now got a Unibody MB Pro I like and am keeping, I have loaded all my music onto it, it's 12.57GB in size.
I have an 8GB iPod Nano 3rd gen I use for my car.

What I want to do is when I plug my iPod into my computer I want all my purchased music which is 1.68GB in size to sync to the iPod and then I want iTunes to automatically select random tunes from the rest of my library and sync them to the iPod at the same time to fill it up.

Is it possible? I have read about smart playlists but not sure if it's what I need to do?

Thanks peeps :)


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This is easy to do with a couple of Smart Playlists. Have a look at the screen shots below which show how to it.

Smart Playlist for purchased music.
Smart Playlist - Purchased.jpg

Smart Playlist for the rest of your library. Set 'Kind - Contains' to whatever format your music is in i.e. AAC, MP3…
Smart Playlist - Random Library.jpg
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Ah, cheers buddy, I see it's a bit like a database thing. I'll give that a go.
Will the second rule for the non iTunes store purchases make random slections every time?


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Thanks a million, I got what I wanted. I created a smart playlist for all the non iTunes purchases following your instructions and it is random :thumbsup:
So I just set my iPod to sync my purchased playlist and the custom one plus my iPod games and that's it.
So thanks again.

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