It's the little things in life ...



Pet hates.

We've all got 'em.

Here are some of mine. Feel free to add yours.

1) Sparkling water ::: Why, exactly, is this a good idea? It's like Andrew's - only, without the medicinal benefits.

2) Stickers on CD covers ::: If the artists/designers wanted to add, 'Includes the smash hit #1 single ...', they'd have designed it that way.

3) Bus drivers who won't change notes ::: It's legal tender, you moron! Do your :censored: job so I can get on with mine! :mad:

4) Excessive Sunday paper supplements ::: If I wanted a hernia, I'd give a cow a piggyback.

5) BBC weather forecasting ::: Anyone remember the last time it was accurate for more than six hours after broadcast?

I'll post more when I've thought of them ...


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Upgrading - I'm sick to the back teeth of upgrading, yet I'm always doing it - when its not my pc, its my tv, amp, speakers etc - why does anything manufactured today feature built in obsolescence?

Ian J

gargoyle said:
Upgrading -when its not my pc, its my tv, amp, speakers etc - why does anything manufactured today feature built in obsolescence?

Most of it isn't obsolescence at all but people fall prey to marketing and "upgrade" just because they think that their equipment is obsolete.

Speakers are a case in point as they don't become obsolete. New amps may contain more features but for most of us the existing feature set is quite adequate and my PC is now 3 years old and does the job as well now as it did when I bought it.


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people who keep checking their mobiles while going through a tunnel or on the tube. you're in a tunnel it is not going to ring!!

also, people having a conversation on their phone as the train goes into a tunnel. they then keep checking the phone and putting it back to their ear wondering why the signal has been dropped. doh!


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shadowritten said:
3) Bus drivers who won't change notes ::: It's legal tender, you moron! Do your :censored: job so I can get on with mine! :mad:

Just get on the bus and take a seat. What's he gonna do - get out of his nice warm cab and come all the way around and throw you off? :nono:


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1. Being squashed onto a bus with loads of people.

2. People saying they have got no money when really they have and are just to tight to buy you a pint.

3. People blocking supermarket aisles while they have a chat.

4. Monday mornings!

Ed Selley

Hi-Fi Editor
Fog lights- mildly misty on the M1 this morning so every berk in their Punto/Corsa/Micra "just 29,000 easy payments of 48p" special editions with no extra's bar a vast collection of fog lights, try and re-enact "Close Encounters of the third bloody kind." I have to admit to laughing my arse off at Wayne Kerr in his 55 plate Corsa who after I let him through to stop him driving 0.000000001mm from my rear bumper- I saw him about 8 miles down the road standing next to his very bent car. Lightened up my morning no end.


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Film previews and advertising at the beginning of a DVD; especially Disney DVD's. My kids want to watch the film, they are not going to buy a holiday at EuroDisney.

Also 'Disney' DVD; it's just a DVD with a Disney film on it.

Also silly meaningless advertising phrases...

This is not just any post; this a fortean post ;)


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1. People who dont say thank you when you let them go either in a car or by holding a door open for them.

2. Estate Agents as they lie all the time.

3. Cold Callers at your door trying to sell you rubbish.

4. The amount of packaging you get when you buy certain things.

5. People with smelly feet.

6. Re-installing windows

7. When ever you want something really bad (ie new gadget), its delivery is always delayed or its out of stock.

8. Traffic Wardens

9. Crazy Frog



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Sparkling water - you've got it spot on. Who drinks it?!

Also the new "hard see thru plastic" packaging on games accessories. Finally got them open with my kitchen knife, not before nearly taking my hand off


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Smokers who can't walk 2 paces out of a supermarket without lighting up and blocking up the entrance/exit.
Smokers who have "mind my child" stickers in the backs of their cars and smoke all the time with their kids in the car and the windows closed.
Smokers who light up in No Smoking areas.
Smokers who throw their still lit fag ends out of car windows with no thought about the environment.


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Musicians who are too lazy to write their own music and simply sample a well known hit.

Supermarket employees who play football with my favourite biscuits,is this why they're always broken when I get them home?

People who stand and chat alongside zebra crossings.

Cones,cones and more cones with not a workman in sight.

Stupid ring tones.

Chewing gum.

Kids that get in your way as they play on the luggage carousel when you're in a hurry and want your luggage.


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1). Popcorn & soft drinks being more expensive than the actual cinema ticket.
2). Not learner drivers themselves but their instructors who take classes during rush hours.
3). Pizza leaflets though the door EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE.
4). Shop staff who know nothing about the products they are selling (Currys especially)
5). Post Offices, the staff, the queues, the old people - everything
6). Hairdresser/Barber shops. Everything, the waiting, the actual cut, the chat

Solomon Grundy

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...the Eastern European immigrants in Hull hanging around the shopping centres, generally being a nuisance...why do they all have a hairstyle like Shakin' Stevens?


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Specifically those ones who ran into the cinema at Bluewater shouting and screaming midway through Serenity, closely followed by security staff. Two of the ^£**&$&%****$££$:mad:@:;'#&£$&^&^$&, *ahem* people then climbed up the back of the cinema screen and stayed there for nearly 10 minutes with the security people shouting at them to get down.

Very annoying and distracting while trying to enjoy the movie.


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DLPMaybe said:
My feet Stink! :D

:D Wash them :lease:



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Never out of sparkling water at our house. I don't understand why people allow themselves to get worked up about such a trivial thing :confused:

If you have ever tried this you may understand. It tastes fantastic!! :)


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1. Tescos rental DVD consistently ignoring my priority list.

2. People you go to the only pay at pump queue then go into the shop to pay.

3. People who complain about smelly feet ;)

4. Getting irrationally annoyed by little things in life.

5. Linemen with the inability to see when a ball is a foot over the line.

6. The dogs obsession with wanting to play fetch as soon as Lost starts. (I thought I was imagining this one but I have experimented. As soon as the Lost titles comes on the TV with the dog put the ball on my lap and then growls at me. He will do this continuously until the episode is finished. I think the wife may have trained him to do this as revenge for me getting him to react this way to the eastenders tune. )

7. People who drive up my arse. Then get annoyed by me constantly changing my speed by 5mph and not putting two and two together.

8. Biased moderators :eek:

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