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It's that time of year again. What is your GOTY?


Distinguished Member
For me, it has to be Witcher 3. It took questing and dialogue to another level for rpg's, and the writing and voice acting was very high quality throughout, and it was all topped off with a very pretty and well designed world.

Special mentions also go to Mad Max, which I felt was quite under-rated, Pillars of eternity for bringing back more isometric RPG's, and Ark, which even tho it hasn't officially released this year, gets a mention for constant development and we had hundreds of hours of fun on it.

I would mention Fallout 4, but I got a bit bored of it (my fault, not the games). Maybe I will edit this post once I finish it :)


Distinguished Member
So far Until Dawn on PS4. I love my horror films and this felt like you are in one. It totally captivated me from start to finish.


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Does it have to be released this year or just what I played?

Ed launched on the 14th of December and it is already my 3rd most played game of my life! . stunning game.

If I had to pick best release of 2015 ..... Hard for as not played many games..... Of a limited number played it would be mgs5 for me


Distinguished Member
Can you give me a month to respond...I've just started Fallout 4, Just Cause 3 and Dying Light. :D


Distinguished Member
CSGO... :rotfl:


Distinguished Member
pillars of eternity for me. we need more isometric rpgs!

Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
Approx 900 hours over 2015 pretty much sways my answer to be Guild Wars 2...


Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Not played a huge amount this year and haven't got Fallout4 yet, so for me it's probably MGS5.


Distinguished Member
I'm hoping to finally finish Skyrim by the end of December :). Just a bit of Dragonborn to go. It seems I've been playing it since I was weaned onto solids.


Well-known Member
Rocket League for me.

If Im allowed to pick from anything still going but not released in 2015.. would have to be Payday 2


Distinguished Member
Dying Light


Distinguished Member
I really enjoy Grim Dawn, but it is still in Early Release.

Looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X, but it means I have to delete the first one and will probably mean I lose all my progress, not sure at all what to do!! :p


Distinguished Member
The Witcher 3 - Stunningly realised world and characters, great voice acting and atmosphere, also one of the best looking and sounding games ever. A massive step up from the already great Witcher 2, this is how to do a sequel. :cool:

Notable mention - GTAV (which I've recently gone back to after breaking from it to play the above game), delivering pretty much everything you want from a GTA game, great characters, graphics and open world gameplay.

Disclaimer - I have yet to play Fallout 4 (will get it next week to tie in with the start of my pre-xmas leave), but Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games of all time so I'm expecting to love it.


Active Member
In terms of hours played and how much fun I had - Assetto Corsa
Keeps getting better and better.


Distinguished Member
Dying Light The Best Game Ive Played This Gen


Distinguished Member
Bf4 has my most hours . . but its not a 2015 game . .

But Dying light was spectacular fun and my GOTY. Its really under rated I feel. Game play, story, general fun you can get up to, was just superb from start to finish. Its quite unique and a Gem of a single player.

Shadow of mordor is cracking fun but not a GOTY.

Ive yet to start fallout 4 after 2 nights of a sickly baby since I purchased it, but for now DL remains unbeaten.


Distinguished Member
Dying Light - pretty much the only game I've played on the PC this year as there has been nothing else which really interested me

Mention to Project Cars a invested in a Thrustmaster Steering wheel and pedals and have then literally played it twice.....

Still have tons of stuff from 2014 i haven't played and probably never will


Distinguished Member
I'm quite surprised by how many are saying dying light.

I haven't played it but thought it looked pretty good tbh, but after release I didn't notice a lot of hype. Will have to pick it up.

I've played a few games, but not sure what games were actually released in 2015 lol, will have to check.


Well-known Member
Another vote for Dying Light, I'm not really into zombie games but a mate who I game share with on the Xbox wanted it so thought I'd give it a go and I'm glad I did :smashin:

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