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Well, First off, thanks a lot to HD et all on the forum, :thumbsup: for all your advice and time and effort to answer all the repeat questions etc.
My PWD7 has arrived at home, but I am still at work... :rotfl:

Planning to head home early look at the box for a while and savor the opening ceremony (while the missus is out).

Quick question, when your warming then up, keep the levels down (-5 from normal) switch off dynamic mode, does it make a difference what picture is being displayed ? is it safe to leave it on lets say a blue screen or a white screen for a day to crank up the hours and get to the 200 hour sooner, or is it safe to lets say play a movie on repeat non stop to get the hours used up ?

looking forward to watching Ireland V England on my new toy....


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mullly said:
is it safe to leave it on lets say a blue screen

looking forward to watching Ireland V England on my new toy....
I'm glad your happy with your telly. Both Panasonic and Pioneer are well highly commented on in these forums. My Pio will be here soon :)

With regard to your blue-screen... I suggest feeding it with a GREEN screen so that your pixels become used to displaying green. The green Irish shirts will be dominating the display during the Six Nations ;-) :D



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I ran my TH-50PHD7 during the day (07.00/18.00) playing Toy Story on continuous loop - a film with excellent colours - with settings at -10 (brightness/contrast/colour) and in the evening setting were all at 0 when we were viewing

Now have my 200 hours and the screen is truly excellent cannot recommend it enough.

I like to think my screen benefitted from this 'run in' but their are others who will say this is not neccessary. Still I'm happy with what I did and in the end thats what counts.


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i have my brightness at 0 and my contrast at 5 at the mo', 50 hours into the 'run in'.
however, I like the picture this way, it's spot on, I don't like it to be too bright anyway. I can't understand why everyone keeps going on about wanting to get all their levels turned up...

hope you enjoy your new toy, I certainly do mine :thumbsup:


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i have mine set to cinema and thats it not touched anything else.

But i have the brightness set to high on my Sky Box

Will proberly leave it at that, blacks really do look black on this screen.

Not even had mine a week and im chuffed to bits with my PW7


Simon James

Guest my Panny today too! Can't wait to get home. Gotta wait for a component board though! Never mind will still enjoy undressing it. Missus out too..... :)

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