its happened a hard disk failed in my WHS


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Jan 20, 2003
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The kids were watching a film and haly way through it stopped, as this was playing from my whs via VMC the problem had to be WHS. so i rebooted the server and loads of disk errors. when it did load i found my 400gb dish had failed.

Now i had duplication on important files ie docs and phots and they seam ok but the rest is DVDS, music and mkvs.

Now I dont know what data im missing and what DVDS work anymore. Is there an app to see what data is missing ???

going forward, as the main role of my server is this 90% media server 10% other. would it be best to store dvds as ISO and use my movies rather than Vobs abd use the dvd library. -

what i mean is when I save a iso on whs would the whole iso be stored on one disk or over many as I guess a dvd in a vob format is stored all over the disks ???

any help would be good


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