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It's fffreezing! (My DMTECH DML4117WD Combi)

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by WalterWood, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. WalterWood

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    A problem has recently developed with our 17" DMTech LCD TV/DVD combi, which has been in daily use since purchase in March 05...I'm hoping that someone out there might be able to attempt diagnosis and advise further?

    Within 10 mins of switching on from cold in the morning, the TV picture suddenly and randomly freezes into 1cm wide vertical bands of pixellated colour (derived from what was being displayed at the time) for no discernable reason. These lines don't have any movement within them, and the sound continues uninterrupted. We're normally using Channel 12, the one receiving our SKY signal, but I think it does the same whatever Channel is selected. Simply changing Channels has no effect.

    We have discovered that the freeze can actually be rectified by simply selecting the 'Video' or 'DVD' channel (which also displays a corrupted image, but only a bar of 'noise' along the top of the screen), waiting a few seconds, then going back onto 'TV'. The picture is then magically restored as normal, except for the slight residual problem of the Channel Number icon in the top right corner appearing corrupted ("blocky"). But as that disappears anyway within a few seconds, it's of no concern.

    Annoyingly, the TV picture freeze continues to recurr every couple of minutes until the set has been on for about 1/4 hour. Obviously this is tiresome to endure, and we are concerned that the problem will worsen. Has anyone else suffered the same, and more to the point, can it be repaired economically or should I prepare to research for a replacement?

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