It's Driving Me Insane - Please Help Me


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I am running Vista Home premium and have a Nvidia Geforce 7300le GFX card. I have the vga out to my lcd monitor and the DVI connected to DVI to HDMI cable going to my Panasonic TH42PX60 plasma.

I have tried everything i can think of to get a full screen desktop and full screen media center (underscan/overscan) but no matter what i try it wont work. I have tried powerstrip and that helps a little but i lose video signal if i keep going to get it full screen.

I have tried loads of different resolutions and tried 560p 720p and 1080i. no matter what i do there is always around 5-10% overscan on top and bottom and both sides.

I would really love full second desktop and full media center but i cant do it.

Can anyone please advise?

Thanks in advance



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Might not apply but I needed to update the drivers before I could get all the screen resolutions working on my radeon X1550. I know it's a different card but Vista does have some issues.


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Try them individully, connect one at a time.

I think you're asking too much of your v/card.


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I had this self same problem with my 50" samsung plasma, I tried everything I could to get it working to no avail.

Until I read my TV manual, there is an option of the Samsung (don't know if u have something similar on the panny) but in the Picture Size settings where you select 4:3 - 16:9 - Zoom etc I had one called Just Scan. When I set my plasma to this it all worked fine. So now I have excellent quality windows desktop in 720p with no overscan.

Hope this helps




I had exactly the same problem. My setup was (is) a MiniPC MPC-945VXR and a TV Sharp LC32GD8E. Tried lots of things and nothing worked. Finally I updated my PC BIOS and then I would be able to get 720p, crisp and clear, but loosing the edges (including the windows taskbar). After reading this forum, and suddenly in the normal Display Properties I got a resolution I had never seen before (1154x666, or something like this). It seems more peoplehad the same (not noticing this resolution in the beginning), but once I set it, my display is looking quite nice. Not as clear as with 720p, but certainly much, much better than any other resolution I tried, and it occupies almost the entire screen (very little bands on the edges).

Hope this helps.


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You should be setting the desktop to the Panny with the native resolution of the panel for PC use.

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