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I am new to the world of freeview and am not an aerial buff, so would appreciate some help.

The post code checker said I am in a borderline area, so I bought a warfedale DV832b and tried it, it picked up the transmitter and I can watch a few channels like Sky sports news but the BBC channels are showing no signal. The channels I have got look like about a 30% signal which fluctuates. This is off a cheap and nasty standard aerial in the roof space, it does go through a powered splitter feeding each room.

I am 19 miles from 107.00 + Divis the channels are 29 33 23 26 48 34, it is recommending group K with H polarization,

First question group k goes up to 48 which is the top channel another site recommended W which is 21 to 68, so which should it be. The wolfbane site also said Amplified extra hi-gain

so the second question is the usual, I have looked at a few aerials any comments welcome including the possibility of keeping it in the roof space considering a bog standard aerial picked up the signal (just).

the Televes 45 or 75
the following from maplin
this page shows 3 at Argos including a short stumpy looking thing$cip=43597.Sound+and+vision>C$cip=43598.Accessories+and+batteries>C$cip=43606.Television+aerials+and+boosters.htm

any advice most welcome


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48 appears in his range. K, then.


:thumbsup: Thanks for that I was not sure with 48 being right at the limit of group K if going to a 21-68 would be better as suggested on one site.
Would you comment on the aerials in my first post and the roof space question?


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Whether a wideband aerial or not I think you are expecting too much with a loft aerial fitting.

Your Postcode checker states a borderline area for freeview and as you cannot obtain BBC channels on your standard loft aerial this does not bode well. BBC channels have the strongest signal of all the muxes. If you want all the freeview channels you need an outside aerial at two storey height or higher.

Try an indoor loft fitting by all means but I don't think you will be successful.

Maybe you could check with a few nearby neighbours.

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