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It's A Wonderful Life......


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Hi All,
Hope this is the right forum to post this hopeful thread.........I used to have a a VHS copy of that old B & W xmas favourate " It's A Wonderful Life " with james stuart in it. I have recently installed a projector and would love to watch this movie sometime on the big screen, only problem is i can only find 4:3 (1.33:1) DVD versions of it......Does anybody know "IF" there has ever been a widescreen version of this movie released ie 16:9, 1.77:1 -> 1.85:1 or any other format bar full frame....Bit of a shot in the dark i know but any region No wouldnt matter either as i have multi region capability.

Any help would be greatfully received whatever the conclusion


Many Regards All



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It was filmed in 1.37:1, so I doubt very much there will be a widescreen version as this would mean cropping the image anyway.


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:( ......Cheers Ian for such a fast reply, i was affraid that was going to be the case, ow well, it was worth a try.

All the best


I don't know if they re-done the film but I had it on VHS and got it on DVD and found the copy on VHS the whites were whiter and the blacks blacker, whereas on the DVD the whites were more cream and the blacks tending had a leaning to brown.

Yup my copy is 1.37:1 which was the main film format of the day.

Phil Hinton

Staff member
Best copy is the Region 1 THX version, don't know if it is still available but the transfer is very good and far better than the R2 disc.

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