Its A Wonderful Life: Collectors Edition DVD Review

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It’s A Wonderful Life is still a wonderful film. I can’t recall the first time that I saw it but the cosy feel that it generates has not dulled with age in the least. The home-grown, small-town feel-good vibe is very much in evidence, but I still find the darker edges of the tale the most rewarding. Frank Capra cornered the market with whimsical fare such as this, but the true magic of his films, especially this one, is hidden just that little bit deeper. A true classic.

Sadly, the AV transfer lets this version down. I wouldn’t be so harsh on it if I didn’t know that a better version existed. The age of the movie comes into consideration but the digital glitches certainly shouldn’t be there. The extras are thin on the ground, but they are fact-filled, pleasant and respectful. Definitely a film worth adding to your collection, though this may not be the version to go for.
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