itrip mini other frequencies


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I've downloaded the 'other stations' from the Griffin website for my ipod mini / itrip. It creates a folder with all the station mpegs - but nothing else, no xml or text files. I only want to add one of the new stations (it's already a pain having to scroll through loads to find the one you want). How can I add the station. When I select the 'itrip stations' folder in itunes and try to add file, I can slect it but then it's not in the list! When I do the same from the library, it does add the file...but that doesn't add it to the 'itrip stations' folder on the ipod. If I select 'import' from the menu, it only gives you the options for importing an xml or txt file.


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Just clear the unwanted stations as you would clear a normal song, then update your Ipod.

This will load the wanted station frequency and you can the reset the Itrip outpu to that one.
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