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Apr 14, 2003
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As in the past I would value some of your opinions, this time on speaker upgrades. My current system consists of: A Pioneer 503mxe, Ax10i amp, 757Ai dvd, iScan Ultra, 7 Linn unik speakers and a couple of rell Q150e subs. My room is 12' x 11' with just over 8' ceiling and I wish to upgrade now even though in approx 18 months time I hope to be moving to a bigger house.
I am about to purchase a new sub to replace te rels( a svs pb2+)
and wish to upgrade 5 of the speakers with either Kef 9000 kht, B&w fpm 6 or MP-150 plasma series speaker.
Does anyone have any other suggestions or views.
I will get a obviously get a demo before buying and I have also looked at other threads on this forum, but what just wondering what other people thought. Regards Mark
Unclean - Unclean :D

Much as I would love to advise you I haven't heard any of the speaker systems that you have mentioned so I can't.

I assume that looking at the types of speakers on your shortlist that you don't like the analytical sound of a monitor type of speaker and so are ruling out M&K.

At the recent Bristol exhibition we heard some really good stuff by PMC, Pro-Ac, Totem, Dynaudio and Ruark and if I was starting again with your budget I would be having a closer look at all of them
ooo the kef 9000's are very very good speakers, heard them at bristol and they are just brilliant. if i could afford them i would definately have gone for them instead of the kef 5005;s i am going for
but you have to hear them to decide they are the speakers for you
this is for fred123go. are you upgrading to 7 speakers as before or are you going back to 5.1?
going to 5.1 until they sell the kef 5005's seperately, then going back to 7.1. i definately think it is worthwhile mate, really does give you the proper surround feel.
Ian I was hoping for a few suggestions to go and audition from our learned members. I haven't heard the m&k's yet but am a bit worried as pioneer reckon thart you shouldn't use 4 Ohm speakers with the Ax10i, although my local music matters said it will be ok. I have heard the kefs and thought they were good.
All I have in mind for my future speakers is that I can fit them on the wall as my wife puts up with many things but refuses to have large box speakers.
Ian You were right about svs's customer service, I contacted them about buying a sub and got a reply straight away with all the info I needed. Top company
Fred, a local Portsmouth dealer told me that the Kef 5005's were available individually at about £149 a piece. I think he did say that the center speakers were only available in a package, though.
I've just ordered the Kef 9000's which are all available individually at £500 each.
Stellavision can you let me know how you get on with your 9000's and what amp you are using. Thanks. Mark
Hi Miniman.
I will be collecting them from Audio-T middle of next week.
I will be using them with my Pioneer 2011 and will let you know how I get on.

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