Italian Spam from Sony - have you had it?


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I registered with recently after buying a 32W4000 and subsequently received some marketing mail from them (not sure I really need it TBH) but today I've received the same email in both English and Italian :spam:- I'm guessing this is a screw up on Sony's part (certainly not mine and unlikely to be intentional) - I'm annoyed that my personal contact details are being bandied about like this. Anyone else received it and feel the same way? I've filled in a contact form to complain. Is this par for the course from Sony in anyones experience?


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Just checked. It has appeared in the last half hour. I had a similar communication, in English, earlier this week from Sony Europe. I suspect it is a cock-up on Sony's part. They need to be more careful. I'm OK with information from them, but not in every language !

I wouldn't regard this as SPAM as I am on their email list by request. If you buy a Sony product and register on line there is an option to opt out of further communications if you want to. I don't see that your details have been 'bandied about', both these Emails come from the same source.
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I got the Italian one first, the English one later and didn't get any apology. Probably was just a slip on someones part but I already have a problem with one important email address I have (I don't want to ditch it and change it for something else) where I not only receive English/American spam but I also receive a load spam in German, how that happend I have no idea - it's difficult to filter out. I just didn't want a whole bunch of Italian spam too.

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