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It seems to me.............comments

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by karkus30, May 17, 2004.

  1. karkus30


    Jul 29, 2002
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    Having read pages and pages of h/c advice, ranging from questions regarding the necessity of centre speakers, subs etc etc. It would seem that a proper h/c set up requires the following:

    A bloody good centre speaker, sub woofer and amplifier/decoder.

    You could get away with cheaper speakers and a lower specification of power amp for the fronts and surrounds except for two vital point; the tonal difference between the fronts and to a lesser extent, the rears and the gap between the bass roll off of the fronts and the start point of the sub woofer (good subs seem to start work around 30Hz while small fronts will roll off long before that point which makes seamless intergration difficult).

    Of course its possible to get away with a centre speaker entirely if the fronts are of a high enough quality, but this limits the position of people watching the film due to the reliance on a smaller sweet spot. Its also not following a true 5.1 set up (a bit like using 1 speaker on a stereo system but mixing the channels, resulting in great imaging but no sound stage, not exactly the same as you get a phantom image, but not far off).

    A simple decoder is all thats really needed for the majority off set ups, no need for video switching or DSP etc, just great decoding and high quality preamplification and an ability to contour the system to match your set up. The amplifier stage for all but the centre speaker could be pretty rudimentary.

    I cant help thinking that none of this has been thought out, its just been bodged from a theatre system with a lack of regard to the domestic enviroment. Its a pity we cant get a centre speaker that can be altered to match the tone of an existing set up and sub woofers that offer two stages of low frequency output, one set to match the roll off of the existing speakers and the other to intergrate with the real low sub bass effects.

    Anything like this on the market place ?? :rolleyes:

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