It seems there's a gap in the market?


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With my recent issues with my Harmony 1000 and my quest to replace it, it seems unless I simply can't find it that there is a bit of a gap for a different type of remote.

I have a HTPC connected to my network and sat in my hifi cabinet. I have a HTC Touch Diamond 2 pda which is always connected to my wireless network.

Seems to me that 2nd hand Windows Mobile PDA's are two a penny but they don't have IR senders. The graphics, processor and hi-res screen on this HTC is superb.

Seems to me that a relly nicely presented application (that always loaded by default when the phone turned on) could talk with an application on the HTPC which would have an IR sender connected.

Have I missed it somewhere? Or is it a good idea?

Most of the expensive remotes are running Windows CE anyway.

For those without a computer to use, a small wifi enables or sender (which I believe do exist) could be used.

Thoughts :suicide:


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I guess most people just remote desktop or use a web browser to their HTPC over wifi or bluetooth or 2G or 3G, so don't bother with any extra software or apps.
No IR or extra cost needed.

I use my Windows mobile phones/pdas/Palm Pre/iphones to control my various bits of HTPC kit, Sonos and TiVos using a web interface.

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