It lives but....what's changed!!???? AVR350 3.50 firmware


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Hi guys,

Had a weird buzz on the left channel of my AVR350 with digital surround only. Checked all cables. It came back. Tried to upgrade from 3.48 firmware to 3.50 it failed and killed it. Managed to get it with an old PC. Cleaned all speaker plugs, mains plugs, reset the EEPROM of the amp. Reset it up and all is well but it sounds a bit and for some reason the front AUX input when used with my Russ Andrews iPod lead is better now volume wise and matches the levels of all the other inputs.

All I have changed is turned down the trim levels of all inputs except DVD as thats the only analogue input I use and assigned the Xbox 360 digital input to the VCR input so it free's up the conflict with the front AUX input and rear AUX input I used previously.

Not complaining. Sounds better. Very punchy and no noise or buzzes.


Da Philster

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Great news so does this mean you are no longer seeking an avr 600 or av/p7 combo? Let me know if the bug still has you.:)


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Couldn't really afford either but the "bug" is still there but put off the AVR600 by some of the other bugs I've heard about which may not be firmware related.

The AVR350 sounds excellent right now so not too sure. Love the idea of a pre/power amp combo but would be expensive and create more debt for me.

But....who knows. If I can get a demo.......

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