Issues with V-Sync and OLED TV


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I’ve just got my new 3080 and am hooking it up to ny LG C8 OLED (this isn’t the G sync model.)

I’m trying to get some thoughts on the best v sync settings.

At 4k pretty much everything is silky smooth. However, on some games, playing in full screen introduces stutter/frame drops but switching to borderlees full screen eliminates that. This is noticeably the case in Mass Egfect Andromeda which I’m giving a second chance having just finished the LE.

I’m just wondering then what the best v sync settings would be in NVIDIA control panel and whether I should be using a frame limiter?

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No G-Sync options

1) Use nvidia Fast sync in GPU driver manage-3D-vsync which is kinda like vsync off but eliminates tearing and has lower system lag than vsync on, the catch is your FPS needs to be double the refresh rate so 4K 60hz output needs games at 120fps or thereabouts.

2) Turn vsync off everywhere and use 1080p 120hz output on the C8, turn off any in game frame rate limiters and let everything go as fast as it can, this gives lowest system lag and can minimize tearing so long as you keep your FPS high.

3) Stick to regular vsync on and just target 4K 60fps output that shouldn't be a problem for a good PC with a RTX-3080.

An external FPS limiter is of little use, that is only for G-Sync setups were VRR wont cause judder and if your only playing single player games its not really something to worry about, matters more for esports.

MEA no idea, some games have weird vsync implementations that can cause issues or could be some other underlying issue specific to your system. You can try disabling vsync in games and force vsync on in GPU driver to see if it handles it any differently.
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