Question Issues with TV and AMP volume control with Sky Remote


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I have set my remote up to work with both my TV and AMP. However, when I press the TV button to use the arrows to control the volume on the amp, and then press the sky button to return the control to sky functions it stops playing the recording (as I've pressed the sky button in the middle of playback). This means you have to start your playback again. Lots of button pressing for changing the volume and skipping the break on recordings.

I know you can set the amp to use the volume button on the sky remote by pressing TV and then SELECT + 1 but I don't always use the AMP (only for films) so I'd rather just use the arrows, but when the remote is in 'sky mode' this just scrolls the channels.

If there is a way to get round this I'd love to know!

I hope this makes sense.



Yes - get a universal remote instead!
When pressing the Sky button to return to controlling Sky simply cover the end of the remote (point into cushion or similar) so its signal does not get to Sky box.

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