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Hi Guys,
I am new to drones so bear with me. I bought the complete Tiny Hawk 2 set, (FPV goggles and controller that comes with the Tiny Hawk 2) but sadly lost the drone within just a few flys!

I then, separately, bought another Tiny Hawk 2 by itself for use with the goggles and controller that came with the first one, but this is where I am running into the issue. I have successfully bound the new drone, but now I have the alternating flashing errors of "THROTTLE" & "BADRX" on my goggles whenever I turn everything on. I am able to see the video feed from the Tiny Hawk perfectly.

Going onto Betaflight (again super new, first time using it), on the receiver tab I can see that my roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle are bound to the wrong joystick actions.

In order -
Roll = up/down on right joystick
Pitch = up/down on left joystick (it is also set to 989 not 1500 like the rest)
Throttle = left/right on right joystick
Yaw = left/right on left joystick

Additionally, there are channels AUX 1 to 4. Moving the left switch from down to middle (or flat? position) (this previously would arm the tiny hawk) reduces the AUX 2 from 2013 to 1499, then when moving the switch to fully up to 986. The same happens with the right switch but for AUX 1 (previously this would increase the sensitivity of the drone I think?).

Sadly I don't know any more about betaflight or drones to give any more detail on what I see but something seems drastically wrong!
Any ideas on how to fix this? There has been no damage to the new drone and I can't think of how any damage can have been done to the receiver/controller or headset.
Thanks so much for the help in advance, I absolutely love the hobby and had the most fun in years in the short time flying my first Tiny Hawk 2 so it would be great if I could get some help!

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