Issues with resolution, 4K UHD TV not 4K UHD, need help.


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Apr 26, 2021
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I recently purchased a TCL 55" Model 55C716 4K UHD for a multimedia TV to be used with Xbox one X, and a Computer for spreadsheets, 3D drawing and some photography. I have owned other 55" 4k UHD displays a Samsung Qled 55" 70T and a home theater display Vizio E series and all were just clear and crisp for the usage.

Pixel pitch is about 96 per inch vertically and about 24 per inch on the horizontal. (again the resolution I calculate is just crazy strange... something around ~1152x2592 ) There are actually more horizontal lines than vertical lines on a 16:9 tv.
Pixels are in a 1x4 style 1 pixel tall with Red Green Blue and White for the subpixels. (It looks like legos were used to make my images)

TV Model website explicitly says 3840x2160 for the display resolution.

It also claims HDR10+ and Dolby Vision but is only 330nits. (wasn't to concerned at the time of purchase on this but its definitely a problem as I am having anomalous issues in darker spots in an image, like the dynamic range is horrible it doesn't transition from blacks to dark greys everything looks like it was a low res image from a thumbnail blown up, large jaggy high contrast transitions where normally it was subtle on other displays.)

Is there a better way to verify my issue as a Technician is going to be coming out to look at the unit? Is there a good way to corner them on the issue of a scam display?

According to the website my TV has

16:09 Aspect ratio, 3840x2160 display resolution, 330nit brightness, 5000:01:00 CR, 6.5ms response, 178/178 degree viewing angle and 8 bit+FRC color.

I'm just currently seeking a buy back from the manufacturer, but its been like pulling teeth.
How exactly have you measured the number of pixels per inch? Is the source material outputting to the panel in 2160p?
The sources are using known good cables and have worked fine on other displays. Both the display and the source recognize the 3840x2160 @60 hz out. The TV shows it in the upper right hand.

I am able the count the pixels because they are so large. I can see individual pixels about 5ft away and my vision isn't the best. I have a measuring tape and a camera to measure. My other 4k tvs don't have noticeable pixels until your nose touches the screen. (as in I almost need a camera to even see the subpixels, but I am about 6000 miles from those TVs so I cannot do a side-by-side comparison)

My biggest gripe is the nature of the pixels. They are rectangular so it looks strange. Every thing is blurry rectangles, I'll post some images so you can see.

For reference, again. Each pixel appears to consist of a red blue green and white subpixel and each pixel is 4x wider than tall. 24 pixels fit per inch in the horizontal. 96 per inch vertically. I honestly don't know what a QLED is doing with white pixels(not sure if quantum dots filter to white) ... but I'm not an expert, my other QLEDs if they had it, I never noticed.

The box around the steam Icon is almost exactly 2". It doesnt show up well in a picture so zoomed in, but any straight line looks like a perforated/dotted line, images look fuzzy, the display is virtually useless for still images. Depending on the font text looks funny to hard to decipher in native 2160P 100%, the steam icon was photographed at 200% scaling at 2160P on a PC running win 10. You can see the subpixels better in the steam image, each little circle is a subpixel as it only passes one color, the first image shows a better view of the pixel as a whole its just a grey start menu in windows.

Again it looks okay at a distance, like if you're 7' or more from it as far as resolution goes, but even a 1080P set would look the same at that distance. Having spent more time with it, where it bothers me beyond the resolution is just in the extreme dimming. Even with Dolby Vision sources recognized by the display it has just a hard time deciding if it wants you to squint or burn your retinas. On non Dolby sets just normal HDR10+ it dims oddly and at strange times. Like when loading Prime Video or Youtube with a dark theme the color changes drastically and is blown way out to where the blue is so faint and the blacks are light gray closing in on white. HDR10 Games are the same, during level transitions where there is a majority of the screen black or dark, as soon as the next scene loads its blown out in blinding white till the TV settles back down. Odd things happen in some games where the screen just creeps to a brighter level where everything becomes blown out with whites.

I'll try calibrating everything again for the HDR10+ but yeah I had a hard time my last attempt so I just set it back to default.

You can kinda see the rectangles in the grey in the background. They are very pronounced while viewing, especially how they effect fine details like text and images.

Its a strain to use the TV at 2160P and 100% scaling, the TV just looses lots of the details needed.
Bad pixels cropped.jpg
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