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Issues with POE Sansco System, any advice please 🙏


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Hi, new here, but really looking for some advice on what to do - options for what to do I guess. 2 weeks ago (ish), we installed (or rather had installed by our very tech savvy nephew) a Sansco security system. It uses the XMEye app on your phone. We also added a net gear signal booster for the internet so I could plug in the Ethernet cable.

From the start, the system would go down and not record for 3-4 minutes at a time. Then on top of that we would look back over other recorded periods and there would be glitchy bits where the picture would jump all over the place, sound would still be rolling on, the time stamp on the picture frozen, but the timeline of recording still progressing normally. Then we had a suspicious man on our property, but when we looked at the recording to try and identify him to provide the video to the police - it was all glitchy again at the time he was on our property. The next issue we noticed was when one of our property gets a call out (retained fire fighter), on playback, we noticed that the camera system would go down for 4-6 minutes at a time around 20-40 minutes after he had gone out. This also happens when we are out of the house in the day - but only on the one day we were all out. During this time our garden security floodlights would also go on, but from the house you couldn’t see anyone - though the garden is extended and not all visible from the house. The app also doesn’t alarm when someone is on our property - the main reason we got the thing! 🥺

These things have been happening over the passed week. I’ve reported them to the company who asked for passwords etc to remotely access our system. At this point, I said no (after speaking to the police). I am very suspicious, especially as we have had a steep rise in crime in our area over the passed month - hence getting the system. I’ve asked to return the system as I have lost faith in them. Then on reading other reports, I hear that the app is used as a carte Blanche way of accessing your network or something and hacking your entire life! 😩
so that’s the back story.

i still want a security system, but one that works. One with an app on your phone that works. we have cemented in our POE cables, so a system that doesn’t mean ripping them up would be the best fit for us. I’ve looked everywhere, but I absolutely do not have a clue what to look for. Any help would be gratefully received please 🙏

Thank you

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Unfortunately the Sansco kit is really at the bargain basement end of CCTV - under £150 for 4 cameras and NVR, its generic Chinese kit. I think if you are serious about wanting a decent functioning system you may need to substantially increase your budget. How many cameras do you need and what is your maximum budget?
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Hi Mushii, as I’m on a short time frame to send the Sansco kit back and get our property a system as there’s been a sharp increase over the passed 3 nights of attempted burglaries 2 streets away, I have now purchased SWANN SWNVK-887804FB-EU 8-Channel 4K Ultra HD Security System - 2 TB, 4 Cameras. I’m hoping I just unplug Sansco and plug in Swann? 🤞 do I need to do anything to scrub my home of Sansco? I’m so upset with them

p.s. Thank you for getting back to me
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