Issues with new Pioneer amp - Please help


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Well I had a good play last night with the amp. It sounded ok without doing the MCACC setup. I've now run the MCACC and it sounds even worse.

I just seem to be lacking bass with the MCACC setup. My sub hardly gets any bass at all and the sound feels a little flat. My old Yamaha 595a had more bass than this, in fact I almost feel a little why did I upgrade (for a 10 year old amp that's got to be pretty bad). Yes there is certainly clarity there, but just no bass really.

Also, I can't get my iPod to work with it either. I turn it to iPod mode and it switches back to normal mode! The iControl app also doesn't work.

On the plus side, the Upscaling works well and I can certainly tell there is extra clarity with Blu-ray sound.


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My Pioneer was the same - sounded worse after using the MCACC setup so I reset it and did not use it again. Your better off adjusting it to your own ears rather than rely on an automated setup.

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