Issues with JBL Bar 9.1 and Nvidia Shield TV


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Good evening!

I'm having quite a bit of trouble with my JBL Bar 9.1 and my Nvidia Shield TV. The following setup:

  • Soundbar connected to TV via HDMI ARC.
  • Shield TV connected to HDMI IN of the soundbar
  • Other devices/consoles connected to TV so I can connect external consoles to TV but still enjoy Dolby Atmos content through Shield TV (since I have no eARC TV).

Now to the problem:

1. I turn on the Shield TV with the remote.
2. The TV and the soundbar turn on
3. The soundbar switches directly to the "TV" input, the TV shows "no signal"
4. When I switch to "HDMI IN" with the soundbar remote I have no picture

Solution: I have to power cycle the Soundbar OR the Shield TV once (disconnect from power for 10 seconds and reconnect), then everything works so far until the game starts all over again after the next standby.

Neither JBL support nor Nvidia support have been able to help me, have also sent in logs to Nvidia many times, tried replacement devices, etc. A replacement Shield TV worked for a short time without problems, only after a few hours of standby showed the same problems as mine (?!). Have also tried everything, CEC on/off on all devices, other cables etc etc. Interestingly, I did not have this problem from the beginning, so possibly a software update?

With a "Google Chromecast with Google TV" it works a lot better, but not perfectly. Here everything turns on, then the TV sometimes switches to a different HDMI input, but after pressing the "Switch Input" button of the GCCGTV Remote everything works then. Here the only annoying factor is that the TV sometimes turns on again after I have turned off the GCCGTV and that the soundbar does turn off. But that is comparatively bearable.

My former roommate has the exact same setup (same soundbar, Shield TV and even TV) and the same problems.

I just don't understand what the reason can be, because no one else uses the JBL Bar in such a setup and does not also have problems? Actually, I would love to use the Shield TV, since a lot more formats are supported and the AI upscaling works wonders especially with older cartoons. But this is absolutely no fun.

I hope someone here can help me somehow, any tip is dear to me.

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