Issues with ethernet drop outs on particular router model (Technicolor DWA0120)


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Hey all - I'd appreciate some advice on an issue I'm having with this router.

Basically when I boot up my PC, which is wired via ethernet into my router, I will have continual drop-offs of internet connection for 20mins or so. It will connect, then drop for 5-10secs, then drop again after about 5secs and so on. It will do this continually but after 15-20mins or so will finally connect properly and not drop off any more.

When I plug in a different router model (BT hub) I get no drop offs at all.

I have tried different cables and ethernet ports. I also reported the router as faulty and a new one was sent out, however I am having the exact same issue with the new one. So either I have been sent two routers with the exact same issue, or my likely there is another problem which I cannot fathom

Any ideas what this issue could be? Thanks


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For diagnosis, try running a pair of a continuous pings to both something on the Internet (BBC usually answers) and your router and that should give an indication of whether its a local connection issue or a problem accessing the Internet. Run two pings side by side and monitor to see which answers and which doesn't and whether there is any pattern.

To ping, open up a CMD window and "ping -t whatever" - the -t option tells it to keep running forever, ctrl+c when you've had enough (or just close the window.) You can run multiple CMD windows concurrently.

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