Issues with all latest DVD recorders?


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It seems that the latest DVD recorders (with Hard Drive) all have issues.

Panasonic DMREX77EBK has problems with aspect ratios.

Samsung 855 has useless EPG

Sony 870 has bad reviews

Are there any recorders that actually work well for about £250?

I'd like one with EPG, series link and freeview but the popular brands all have bad points.

Is it a case of having to spend more money to get one which actually works well. Can anyone recommend a decent one please as Im trying to find one for a relative.



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apart from the Samsung you mention, i don't think the "problems" with the Sony or Panasonic are bad enough to deter anyone from buying either. i personally have never had a single aspect ratio problem with my EX87 (same as EX77, just a larger hard drive), and i can live without Series Link and divx compatability.

same with the Sony, whatever problems it has certainly are very minor, not worth ignoring the whole machine over.

the EX77 and Sony 870 can be bought for around £200 so i think you'd be happy with either, probably moreso the Sony as it has series link.


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Thanks MuksC

I guess your right about them all being good for their price tag.


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I just got the sony 970b for £200 delivered and dont see any problems with it as yet , and it came with firmware 163 but is now on firmware 165

freeview and analogue , epg series link , divx works ok , component out , hdmi out , upscaling , usb input , firewire input , plays mp3 and jpegs , dvd and cdr playback , dvd recording , 250 gig hdd recording and playback

perhaps we expect too much from technology nowadays , I remember my first sharp vhs recorder back in about `82 , cost over £400 then so probably double that now , analogue vhs recorder onto tape , no dvd,s back then , no freeview or digital channels , no divx , no firewire , no mp3 , no jpegs , no hard drive .no nothing


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...And no remote control.

Big chunky mechanical buttons that you had to push about 2 inches down.


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I remember the first VCR and camcorder my parents bought when I was born (1981), the VCR consisted of 2 parts :eek:, and the remote control had a wire connecting it to the VCR!

so on a day out, my poor dad had to not only carry 2 parts of the VCR, one over each shoulder, he also held the massive camera to record stuff!

and now we have camcorders that fit in the palm of your hand.


Is the panasonic aspest ratio issue not easily sorted? i've never had a problem with it.

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