Issues Streaming from Smart Devices vs Mobile


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I have Three home broadband and usually have a connection of around 25-30Mbps but have been experiencing a lot of issues streaming content directly from my Smart TV, Roku Express or NowTV Box.

As an example My NowTV box & Smart TV is connected via ethernet to a wireless mesh extender (TP-Link RE305), which has a stable connection to my router (TP-Link MR600). What I find is often services don't load up or take a while to get started. Generally Netflix is pretty good, the NowTV app usually works, but takes 5-10 seconds before a stream starts. Disney+ often doesn't work at-all or is patchy at best. Weirdly, I have none of these issues with my phone, connected to the same extender, with content from any of the above apps loading within seconds.

If it wasn't for how reliable things work on my phone on the same network I would be blaming either my wireless network or broadband connection, but I just can't explain the difference in behaviour between phone and streaming box. I have tried the Roku Express connected to the same extender to see if that's the issue, but it behaves the same way.

Anyone got any ideas what the issue could be?


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Suggest you get suitable network cables and connect the Smart TV, Roku Express and NowTV Box directly to the router to prove that they work fine over a wired connection first. That would rule out any issue with the devices themselves.


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I'll see what I can do, but why I haven't tried that already is because my router is located upstairs, so I'd need to run about 50 meters worth of cable to route from the room it's in to the room my AV equipment is. My TV is fixed to the wall, so it wouldn't be easy to relocate for a quick test and the router needs to be upstairs because I have a roof antenna for my 4G connection.

I have noticed there are a few services on my laptop (which is wired directly to the router) that sometimes take a couple of goes to connect to servers or can be flaky, such as Logitech's Harmony software or Steam. It's as if my connection can be slow getting started, but then has fairly decent downstream speeds after. I work from home right now and I have no difficulties connecting to the company VPN, going on Skype calls etc, again wired directly into the router.

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