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Hi Everyone,

First post here so please go easy as I am getting desperate... I recently upgraded to Yamaha RX-A680 which powers a few speakers and drives ATV4K to LG TV. I have google hub and was hoping to finally ask Google to play Apple Music (Google added Apple Music as another option to listen to music back in December) on my new stereo.

I figured with MusicCast I would have to ask Google to ask MusicCast (annoying) to first turn on the receiver and then play music which isn't bad but.. I follow instructions to add MusicCast to my Google account and it refuses to add (all the way at the end after I clicked accept, etc, etc). I don't see anything like this online/forums so probably something has to do with my account but can't understand what exactly. Anyone had difficulties adding MusicCast to their accounts? Calling / Chatting with Yamaha was useless as they "sent me to level 2 support - i.e. black hole"

I tried something else...

I bought 3rd gen Chromecast and was hoping to ask google to play music through the external Chromecast device and hopefully receiver would automatically turn on (without TV turning on). Again, I tried following HDMI Control instructions and nada...

Can anyone offer advice here? I can't tell you how much time I spent to get this to work :(

PS. My Receiver is connected to TV through this extender (4K HDMI 2.0 HDBaseT Extender, Supports HDCP2.2, HDR10, 2-Way IR, PoE & RS232) without ARC support which I hope doesn't matter.. Everything is operated by the iPhone and iPad Universal Remote Control for Home Theaters.


Unfortunately, I don't own any Yamaha MusicCast devices so I can't give you any personal experiences, but have you followed Yamaha's online Google Assistant User Guide to actually get your MusicCast AVR recognised by your Google Home device(s) in the first place?
Google Assistant | User Guide

Once that's done you should be able to voice control the AVR using the allowed Google Actions (ie, commands) for Yamaha MusicCast devices - see:
How to Use Actions on Google with Yamaha MusicCast


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So... I think I got to the bottom of it... Yamaha refuses to turn-on Chromecast on its own and I have to go through MusicCast. I also finally figured out why MusicCast service wouldn't link to my google assistant/account... I disabled "Personal Results" (along with everything else that Google Likes to track people with) option in my Google Home therefore it didn't work.

I enabled "personal results" option back and can ask MusicCast to turn on the receiver and as a second step, need to ask Google to play "Apple Music" on Chromecast (because Apple Music isn't one of the native services on MusicCast.

Yamaha really needs to add MusicCast at the bare minimum as "Works with Google" service/option to be of value. I already wanted to get Denon S960H but got A680 at such a good price that I can't complain further...

Thank you all for listening...

If anyone figures out or can suggest how to make Yamaha receiver to automatically turn on the bloody Chromecast device that would be great :)

Thank you,

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