Issues connecting to my Sennheiser BT T100 Bluetooth transmitter


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Hi there, I am having lots of issues connecting my Bluetooth head phones to my Sennheiser BT T100 device.

I have 3 pairs of Ink'd Bluetooth headsets and all of them will not connect to this device. That said, I have no issues with the headsets connecting to my Samsung phone and tablet, they connect just fine. I have two other cheap BT head sets and one of them does connect fine but now that headphone is on the fritz and has other issues. Now I don’t have any headphones that will connect to the BT T100.

The configuration is with a digital optical cable coming out of my TV and into the transmitter. I have the switch set towards the digital optical cable. I've attached the manual.

Is there something that I am not doing right with those units? Or is it just a case that they are not compatible with the BT T100? Do I need to consider purchasing Sennheiser BT headsets?

Just as a side note, I decided to purchase another BT transmitter. I purchased a Taotronics TT-BA09 transmitter, hooked it up, same thing, nothing connects to it.

I'm starting think that I must be an idiot if I can't get any of this to work. It's not rocket science but I appear to be missing something. Like I said, all the headphones connect without issues to my Samsung phone and Samsung Tablet.


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You state none of your headsets “connect”
Have you paired them first?
I have tried many times. Last night after I wrote this, I went back downstairs, pressed the button on the BT T100 for 20 seconds, advice from Sennheiser so that it does a reset. I guess they said that it will remember up to 10 devices. This wipes that info out. After that, I put the unit into pairing mode. Then turned on the headset which goes directly into pairing mode (red/blue). Both units just sit there and flash and after about a minute, the BT T100 light goes red. Headphones keep flashing. Both items are with in an inch of each other. I tested both headphones, both did the same thing.

Then I took the buggered up headphones (they work for a bit and then they crap out - not a Sennheiser issue), paired them up to the BT T100 so I know the Sennheiser unit is working.


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In that case it looks as though 2 of your Skullcandy headphones may be faulty.
How old are they?

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