Issue with watching "Jack Ryan" on Amazon Video?


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Hi all...I'm currently watching the Jack Ryan series on Amazon Video through the app on my blu-ray player. (tried watching through the TV app but get no sound just picture...this problem for another day!)

Whilst watching the programme, there are a lot of scenes where the language is in Arabic or French, but there are no subtitles during those scenes, so it's becoming difficult to follow. I've tried switching subtitles on, but that affects the whole programme, which I don't want!

Anyone any ideas?

First I would update the app on your TV and bluray player.

Watched this recently on our Prime account and subtitles appeared when they should for foreign language scenes. Try watching or casting from another device... phone, laptop etc...

If still no joy ask Amazon.


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going thru a similar issue ...
J Ryan / man in high tower specifically ....
typically i stream thru my blu-ray Samsung HD 8500 ...
tho "tools" is a remote fx. nothing ever pops up
( i suspect only does so when playing a disc)
last night, watching w/o player, just via the T V ...subs, popped up as expected

tried all the trix the manual mentions, for the blu-ray, no go, does anyone have another suggestion ...well, besides buying a new player :(

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