Issue with Samsung TV and Vizio Soundbar. Any ideas?


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I know I'm not the first to have this issue, but figure it's worth seeing if anyone has this exact problem, or has these models.

TV - Samsung RU7100 50 inch 4k
Soundbar - Vizio M21D-H8R 2.1
Inputs: Fios Cable box, Apple TV 4

Issue: The sound from my sound bar is very slightly out of sync and delayed from the TV. Since I can't set the audio delay to a negative number, there seems to be little I can do.

I've turned off all extra processing on the TV, and have it going as PCM (it's worse on Dolby). I've turned off Atmos, though this seems to make no difference.
The CLOSEST I cant get it to sync is with optical. But when I have optical on and the audio coming from both tv speakers and soundbar, you can hear the slight delay on the soundbar, proving I'm not crazy and there is still a delay. Ideally this would work through hdmi-arc, but again it's worse through that.

The sync is good however when I'm watching directly from the smart tv app and not using an external player routed through the tv. The audio is also fine when I go through the soundbar before the tv. This of course isn't ideal because the soundbar only has one input.

All firmware is up to date on both tv and soundbar. I'm fairly confident I have turned off all audio settings that would cause a delay, though if you have any ideas please share.

My next step after this is probably returning the soundbar, but the annoying part is logically, given all of this, it seems like its the tv that has a delay routing through arc and optical? But I wont know till I try another soundbar.

Anyway, if there is any ideas or you have experience with these or similar models I'm down to try anything. Just looking for some ideas!

NOTE: I know people don't like soundbars etc. And that may be the answer in the end. But for now this is what I have and am looking to try something before returning.


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I have the 2019 Q70R 65inch hooked to a Vizion 3651-E6 5.1 soundbar. I have similar problems when hooked up to the tv with HDMI, and the tv hooked to the soundbar with optical. I didn't have any problems when I was feeding the soundbar (from the tv) with ARC, however ARC started to get glitchy after 6 months of use, so I switched to optical (wish I didn't have to do that because I lose out on DD+ capability). I haven't found a fix for this yet. Just thought I would mention it, as it's a different TV and soundbar with a similar problem.

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