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Hi everyone, my first post here.

I have an issue with my Iffalcon 40f2 (rebranded TCL). The remote has started acting weird. When I tap the Vol+ button the volume keeps increasing until I tap any other button. Similarly if the scroll down in the menu it keeps scrolling down indefinitely until I hit some other button.

I have the same issue while using the physical buttons on the TV also. However the wifi remote from the T-Cast app works perfectly.

The TV is 2 years old and I have not had any such issues until this morning.

Things I have tried,

1.) Change batteries in the remote
2.) Try another remote of the same make (Same issue)
3.) Try my remote in a similar TV (Works fine)
4.) Factory reset
5.) Fully Power off for 10 mins and retry

None of these seemed to help. Looking for help.

Thanks in advance.

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