Question Issue with lines on multiple samsung HDTV


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Hi I did try searching but couldn't find a similar issue.

I have an issue with my Samsung HD TV. Over the last six months or so I have been having progressively worse issues with vertical lines appearing on the left hand side of my TV. These appear blueish in color and are highlighted the most when the tv shows bright green or red images. I have run the picture self test as well as trying multiple types of inputs and hdmi cables and this makes no difference. I have also ensured the latest firmware is installed.

If the TV is left turned off at the wall socket for a number of days the lines disappear and then slowly reappear after a few days of usage slowly getting worse and worse. I have tried moving items near the tv such as the wifi router and external speakers but this makes no difference.

I then decided to try swapping the TV with a friends who has exactly the same model bought on the same day from the same shop and the lines now appear on this tv as well.

I have tried asking Samsung and they just said pay for an engineer to come and look at it. I would have considered this but since it has happened to two different tvs it seems like it should be something external.

Any suggestions of what could cause this interference or is it possible by huge coincidence both tvs have a similar hardware problem? Many thanks


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Unfortunately we swapped them as my friend was getting rid of his and at the time we assumed it was an issue with my tv. I never had a chance to check the other one somewhere else before he got rid of it.

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