issue with lcd projector! please help


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hi there,
i have finally set up my sony hs-20 with a ceiling mount and cable hidden in the wall and upstairs floor cavity:smashin: but now it is set up i have noticed an issue:thumbsdow
even on the startup screen, so not an input problem there is a green line 1.5 pixels wide down the left of the picture, from top to bottom. there is a matching reddy purple line down the right of the picture.
i have reseearched the pj and found that the picture is created by passing light through 3 panels, R, G and B, and these pictures mix to give the full picture.
therefore i have deduced that the green panel is out of line and the picture is not converging correctly?
is this known as 'the convergence being out' ?

The help i need is to know weather this is an acceptable problem, ie everyone suffers it to some degree, and/or weather this problem can be fixed via the service menu or factory settings menu, i have codes for both.(i know someone who does isf calibration so he should be able to make sense of the menus)
Or is this going to be a case of put up with it or buy a new projector?

many thanks to anyone who can help!


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Just a thought: if you didn't have the problem before and the PJ hasn't been knocked around which could cause an alignment issue, could this be something that you see now you've turned on the flip video function?

May be worth disabling that for a moment (your pic will of course be upside down) just too see what effect that has on your green line. :)

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