Issue with house alarm siren.


hi all iv got this alarm system in the pics attached, was installed many years ago, its a wireless one where the sensors need battery power. last 2 days the siren keeps going off with error message saying: Tamper WL_SIREN.
i got no manuals for this system and dont even know what brand it is. iv opened up the control box its got a battery pack in it too but i dont see any wires going from it to the siren. i just see power wire and telephone wire.
i think since the weather is turning better and the sunshine hits the siren at the top of the house it may be causing the issue for the alarm to keep sounding.

anyone know from the pics iv attached what sort of system this is? would the siren be hard wired to mains power? id be surprised if it ran from battery since its never been touched since it was installed many years ago so any battery in it would probably be degraded by now?

iv had to replace the batteries in the sensors few times in the past.



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within the external siren there will be a tamper spring which is likely causing the issue. you will need to remove the cover from the siren and check the condition / mounting of the tamper spring. It may be that it either needs any mounting screws tightening or you may need to pack out where the tamper spring meets the mounting position on your brickwork. Also worth changing the batteries. NB if you cannot isolate the external siren box then probably a good idea to protect your ears when doing this.


ahh thanks for the reply. when i opened up the control unit i saw that microswitch thingy that the lid pushes to close its contacts. i suspected as such the sunlight may be causing the alarm casing to expand and not push up on the switch like it used to. issue will be getting to the siren since im a big fellow and tend to break ladders. lol.

is there a way to disable the siren fully from the control box?


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That kinda negates the point of the alarm (not having an external siren). Maybe send a small child up the ladder with AirPods :)



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Putting the panel in "test mode" should disable tamper. Or short out bell box tamper wires from within main box in house as a temp measure.

Oops! Just seen it's wireless.....


Yea its wireless unit. No false alarms today but no sun out either so i think its deffo related. Summer should be fun....

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