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vic flange

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This week I've encountered a weird issue with my iPhone. All the songs disappeared from my iPhone. However, when I connected it up to iTunes it said that I still had 8Gb of audio. The links to the tracks through the ipod were gone, when I touched on songs it said there weren't any in the library. So I re-synced and put them back on. Then I downloaded a couple of podcasts over wi-fi and when I'd finished all my songs had disappeared again! I've just synced again and they've re-appeared, but I jusy know when I download something over wi-fi tomorrow they'll disappear again. Has anyone else had this issue and knows the solution?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I experienced exactly the same thing this morning. I downloaded a podcast over wifi. When it had finished I went looking for it and found that all my music and videos have disappeared from the iPod library except one from my "Purchased on the iPhone" playlist. Also in the settings it still says that I am using all the space so its not like they are deleted, just unavailable to view.

Have you managed to find out a solution? Will just syncing with my computer restore them or will I actually have to copy all the files across onto it again?


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Had the same issue with my 3GS earlier this week - EVERYTHING on the phone vanished from the Ipod ap, but appeared as 32gb of 'other' data when I synched via Itunes. Had to restore and copy everything back again to get rid of it.

I had bought an album via Itunes on the phone before this happened - only the new album was still visible afterward - maybe a bug in 3.1?


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I've had similar on an iPod Nano.

Think that the flash file system gets corrupted somehow and mine also showed a large chunk of "other" data

I did a factory restore and re-synced all my files.


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I had this when I upgraded my 3GS to 3.1. My music was still taking up space but it was telling me there were no songs there.

I solved it by removing and replacing one of the albums I had on my phone. It then briefly displayed an 'updating database' (or something along those lines) message and I could see them all again.

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