Issue with Alexa and Hue lights


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I'm trying to figure out whether this is an Alexa problem or a Hue problem. I have 2 of each (Alexa Echo Show 8 and Studio & Hue Bulb and Hue LED strip).

Last night, the lights became unresponsive to commands through Alexa. When i was fixing them today, there was a software update required for both lights. So i ran the update and reconnected the lights successfully.

However, there are now 2 issues that I haven't been able to figure out:

1) Lights no longer change smoothly. They no longer ease into the requested color gradually. They just switch from one color to another instantly. But they still turn on and off smoothly.

2) Color 'blue' has become very light. Two nights ago, i would say 'Alexa, make the light blue' and would get a nice, deep blue color. Now, it's sky blue. The commands 'dark blue' and 'navy blue' both give the same light blue color.

The only thing different about the setup now is, when I check each light's settings through the Alexa app on my phone, it says 'Connected via Studio'. Whereas initially, i did the setup through Echo. So i tried unplugging Studio and reconnecting the lights through Echo and for whatever reason, Echo wasn't able to find them. When i plugged Studio back in, the lights were found and i was able to successfully reconnect them to Alexa. So i guess Studio has become my 'primary' Alexa device or something? I haven't yet gone through the trouble of deregistering Studio from my Alexa profile to see if that would help Echo find the lights and fix the 2 issues described above. That's a pain in the ass that i'm saving for later if i can't figure this out.

Anyways, has anyone experienced this issue with colors recently? Could this really be a 'connected via Studio' vs 'connected via Echo' issue? Or did the latest Hue software update mess something up? I have no idea.

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