Issue watching movies.


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Really not sure where to post this, but I'll give it go here first.

I'm having issues watching movies stored on my Synology NAS (DS216play)

I stream the movies from the NAS, via Xbox one, to both my OLED TV and/or my projector (Sony HW40).

I use KODI for streaming services and when watching anything on my TV, I have no issues at all. I get both picture and full surround sound (either 5.1 or 7.1).

However, when I watch the same movies via the projector, I have various issues. If I use KODI, I get a very stuttery picture and also, after a while the screen will go black. Sound isn't an issue, I get both 5.1 and 7.1

If I use PLEX, I get a great picture, but can only get 5.1 sound, anything with 7.1 seems to freeze the server. I can also get subtitles (where required) on PLEX, but not on KODI (only effects projector, not TV!)

If I watch a Blu-ray or 4K disc, via the xbox, I have no issues on either the TV or the projector - I get both picture and 7.1 sound, with no issues at all.

So the issue seems to be with the projector in the mix!

I can't work out if this is a slow NAS problem, a software issue (PLEX or KODI), a HDMI cable issue or a projector issue. I have kind of ruled out the cable, as playing a disk doesn't cause any issues.

I'v spent all day scratching my head of this one! Any suggestions?


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Forgot to mention, the HDMI cable to the projector is a cheapish 10m one from amazon, just in case it does make a difference!


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Have you changed anything in your setup or is this a "new" setup and has never worked properly?
There has always been one issue or another unfortunately! I upgraded my AVR to a Marantz SR6011, only to find out that the second hdmi output wasn’t a mirror of output #1, but rather a zone 2 output. I thought I had a work around for the issues this caused with the PJ, but alas it didn’t work properly-signal dropout and only stereo sound.

Iv changed the SR6011 for a Denon X3500. That is the only change I have made recently.

Prior to the SR6011 I had another Marantz (can’t remember the model now) which had mirrored hdmi outputs and everything worked fine with that (wasn’t 4K compatible though, hence the ‘upgrade’ to the 6011!)


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Bit of an update.

I found an old Neet hdmi splitter in my ‘spares’ drawer and thought I’d give it a try, as I believe they also act as a signal booster?

So hdmi output #2 - splitter - projector.

So far, I’m getting 7.1 sound, 1080p to projector, no stuttering, no freezing, no black screens!

So does this possibly point to the 10m hdmi cable being the issue? To my mind it seems to!

I’ll keep watching for a while, because to throw another spanner in the works, the issues didn’t start immediately when watching a movie, but usually about an hour in!

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