Question Issue playing mp4 files on TV from NAS storage

Frank G

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I have an issue with mp4 files, that were ripped via Handbrake and stored on my NAS (awful WD mirror - with a basic DLNA server). Both TV's that are intended targets don't appear to be reading the filenames, but instead list each video file based on the type of method used when ripped.
For example, if I rip Star Wars episode 4 'A New hope' and save the file with the following attirbutes: res 1080 30 fps stereo, and the filename 'A New hope.mp4' its fine, not an issue - however when the TV reads the file, it reads 'stereo.mp4' ?
Similarly, if I were to rip the same file, but change the audio encoding from stereo to surround, the TV's read the file as 'surround.mp4' - I have an LG 43" UHD and a Samsung 43" Series 7 (for my sins) and I am seeing both TV's read the files the same way... is the problem the TV os? or DNLA? can anyone advise?
also, as stated, I have no clue how to use forums, i usually figure things out on my own, but i'm getting older and thicker it would appear ... :) any help both with this issue and generally using the forum (IE where best to post it) would be greatly appreciated.


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I can't point you to the most likely cause but I'd start by trying it with a different server. Grab Serviio or some other DLNA server software for your computer and see if the same thing happens.

If it does then it's probably something inherent in the video file and it's worth looking at the handbrake settings - there's likely some sort of title field for the video that's separate from the file name.

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Sounds to me like the embedded file tags are being used rather than the actual file name. Use a tag editor to inspect and amend the tags and all will probably be sorted.


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Yeah its the tags.

You could use iTunes to edit the tags or even basic MP3/MP4 editors but if you have a lot of content I would think it would be easier to ditch the WD for the cheapest QNAP or Synology NAS so your not stuck with the crappy DLNA server on the WD.

I'm not sure if WD still use Twonky (they may do) if you could get access to the Twonky control panel you might be able to alter the metadata display.

Frank G

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Thanks all, I got around the issue with Plex. I am planning to shift off the WD device eventually, I wanted to have a look at Plex, how it worked etc.. before I invested in a change. The old WD was repurposed for this reason. Its just a test bed for now, but its working very well serving the TV's in the house with my movie collection. Way nicer than DLNA. I'll play around with Plex for now, then decide on a better NAS QNAP or Synology and migrate. Thanks again all. Stay safe!

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