Issue getting 5.1 channel audio working over HDMI to AVR


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PC Specifications:
CPU:7900x MOBO : ASUS Primex299 Deluxe v1
GPU:EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 1070 (any recent driver version)
RAM : 4x8GB ADATA 2800 CL16
PSU : Strider Gold Evolution 750 Gold
AVR Marantz NR1606 w 5.1 speakers
displays 3 x 4K SDR Monoprice IPS displays (each with 2 speaks that can't be disabled)
1 Connected HDMI cable to display (right portrait)
1 Connected HD>HDMI via active adapter (4k 60hz) to AVR to display via HDMI (landscape in center)
1 Connected DP cable to display (left portrait)

I know this is not a typical layout but I like the 2 portrait mode displays for the work I do.
I have the DP>HDMI adapter (rather than just use a HDMI out on card) because I want to have my landscape display as the primary output, otherwise BIOS and boot would go to the portrait mode monitor connected via DP. There seems to be no way to tell you nVidia card what output to use for bios etc, and it always defaults to a DP output.

On any recent nVidia driver my Win 10 (1909) system, 5.1 and 7.1 are grayed out, leaving stereo as the only speaker option. Using nVidia driver version 430.86 or earlier works, and I can choose 5.1 for my AVR. With this driver, the receiver correctly sees the multi-channel audio and the test sounds correctly come out of all speakers. A driver after 430.86 prevents me from selecting 5.1 speakers.
I have confirmed no BIOS updates appear to be available for the GTX card.

Tried reinstalling windows from scratch.

It is almost like nVidia changed the driver after 430.86 enabled the PC to see that the display connected has only 2 channel, and thus it only makes 2 channel available. It ignored that the AVR can do 5.1 itself.

Tried on the Nvidia forum, but it is mostly just gamers there.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!!


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Make sure you use HDMI output 1 for audio output.


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Make sure you use HDMI output 1 for audio output.
Thank you for your assistance. My Marantz only has a single HDMI output.
Unless you are talking about the video card. As far as I can tell if you want to use a DP at all, it will always chose that output as the primary output for stuff like bios etc. That is why I use a DP active adapter to change that to HDMI for my input on the marantz.


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Yes, i’m talking about the video card. If i use HDMI 2 on my video, it doesn’t play nicely with my LG tv and Onkyo amp. Even though I configured the outputs correctly.

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