Issue accessing files on PC with SPMC/Kodi on Nvidia Shield (2017)


I'm having a bit of an issue with getting SPMC or KODI to work right with drives attached to my PC.

Originally, I had everything in a theater, all hard-wired, with the drives attached to a Zappiti. Everything worked great on the Shield. Then I moved, went wireless, and the Zappiti has decided it doesn't want to share anything from the attached drives. So, I decided to try and attach the drives to my PC and use that as my server instead.

After some tinkering, I have got it so that I can mount my PC as external storage on the Zappiti. When I go to videos on SPMC, it lists the drives I'm sharing from the PC. So, I can explore the drive and play the files from there. However, what I can't do is add any of the folders as a source for my movie or TV collections. So, I can't add them to my poster wall. If I try to add a new directory, I can't location the shared drives. SMB is blank. Everything is blank except for the actual Shield storage. This is true on KODI as well. And, on KODI, the drives don't even show up in the "Video" section like they do on SPMC.

Is there some trick to doing this with a Windows 10 PC? SMB is enabled on the PC.


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My best guess is its a permissions problem.

I would
1 - remove existing shares.
2 - create a dedicated user account on PC with a simple username and password.
3 - take ownership of all the files on the USB HDD's with that user account.
4 - now share out the USB drives using the new user account and see if you can connect to it via Kodi.

If that doesn't work then you will need more expert help in finding out what's going wrong, kodi windows forum may be of help.

You could also try sharing via NFS though that is a bit more complex on windows.

The path of least resistance is Emby media server and use that Kodi plugin.

MrMC has taken over from SPMC (dev of that now works for MrMC) and it has Emby support built into the app so you can connect directly to the server without the need for a plugin.
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