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ISS3 moves

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by Ashy, May 2, 2003.

  1. Ashy

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    Jan 3, 2003
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    Kindly taken from another forum, for those who dont know:

    When offensive:
    R2 + circle: Does a 360 degrees body spin on the ball
    R2 + X: Does a left right dummy to trick the opponent
    R2 + square: Does a side step to trick the opponent(very useful when one on one vs goalkeeper)
    R2 + triangle: Does a "frog leap" over your opponent(you need to buy this skill at the catalog first)

    When defensive:
    R2 + circle: sliding tackle over a longer range than the normal one
    R2 + X: Does a bodycheck on your opponent. This kind of tackle is very efficient as it creates minimal yellow cards. However, try not to use it in the penalty box as the chance of your opponent getting a penalty is quite high!
    R2 + square: High tackle
    R2 + triangle: nothing (or if you know please inform me?)

    L2 twice(offensive): over head lob(need to buy in catalog)
    R2 twice(offensive): also overhead lob, but this one is with your back facing the opponent

    There are other moves that combine R2 or L2 or even both, but once you have enough points you can purchase those skills and read their self-explanatory description

    Enjoy :)

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