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Mad Mikeyboy

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Just about to get myself into the world of online gaming with my PS2. I would like to use the "direct connection" setup as my PC is upstairs and my TV downstairs and don't mind moving my modem around.

My present ISP is AOL but am about to change to a.n other.
Can anyone recommend which would be best (and cheapest) for this task while providing the correct adsl modem with the right connections. I have a large variety to choose from.


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For the ISP's I would chose one from this top ten (as voted by customers)

Click on the ISP's to read the customer comments...

I've been with Freedom2surf for over a year now and have no problems with my PS2/PC for online gaming.

As for the modem, your going to need an Ethernet ADSL modem, stuff like:-

I would make sure that any modem you buy, supports ADSL2 which will be rolled out in the foreseeable future.

If you have an old style PS2, you're going to need a Sony network adaptor - which are notoriously hard to come by - check Ebay. If you have a slimline PS2 - the network adaptor is already built into it..

Good luck :smashin:

Mad Mikeyboy

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ok, I'm really going to show my ignorance here....

If I get an ISP with a monthly download cap I.E 2GB will that restrict my ammount of gameplay?? Or is it just a connection with no actual downloading as such?


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yeah it will restrict as as data flows between the two sources (be it not directly). your ps2 will be sending data out and you will be receiving data from the other guy..... hope this makes sense.

you would have to do some serious gaming though to top 2gb


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I have the Freedoom2surf - 2MB - 10GB - £19.99 package. I reguarly use about 6GB a month. But then I host quite a few games which increases your usage considerably...I also occaisionally play PC games online. Different ISP's deal with over usage of your limit in deferent ways - by sure you know the score before signing up....


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Blueyonder from telewest is the bees knees for online gaming with the new up to 10 Mb service for £35 a month (currently 4Mb and being upgraded)

depending of course that you are in a cable area supplied by TW


Sarah Nya

I'd definately go for Telewest as well as long as you don't mind switching to cable rather than ADSL.


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Tejstar said:
I'm on F2S too, hope things don't change now that they are owned by Pipex...

Here, here!

I can't believe this the second time this has happened to me...I was with V21 and they were great until Telefonica took them over - then it went right down hill - hence the move to F2S. I'll see how it pans out for a while before I make any decision. I suppose that's the internet market at the moment - lots of consolidations & take overs in the pipeline....

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