ISOTEK Sirus Evo 3 Vs Merlin Scorpion Mains conditioning Block


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Hi Everyone.. Apologies if this is in the wrong thread.. But I just did not know were to post this.

Anyhow.. I currently own a ISOTEK Sirus Evo 3 mains conditioning unit and have had it for years and it still works like a dream. I own a. Mixture of Merlin Cables from Funnel Well and Scorpion cables both iv had for many years and still give fantastic service to my entire system.

How however comparing my mains conditioning unit to the Merlin Scorpion 5 way mains block I can't find any reviews at all.

Do any of you own one and if so how's the overall experience been. My Evo Sirus 3 cost me rather alot of money sevral years back. I know the merlin scorpion mains block also sells for a fair few £££.

Are these both likely to be much and much or will the scorpion be streets ahead..

Anyone have some info on this please 🙂.


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Any reason you need a conditioning block? In the UK, the mains is very stable and all electronic equipment already has a conditioner in it in the form of either a transformer/capacitor or a switch mode power supply. Also all electronics are built to cope with a range of power supplies without effect on performance as they are also sold in countries with less reliable power supplies. The need for one points to a much bigger issue in your house wiring that should be sorted first.

I think you will find on this forum (or this part of the forum) there is little love for such devices. Personally I would put the money into a part of the sound chain that actually has an effect E.g. better speakers, upgraded cartridge etc.


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Hi @Ugg10 Buddy. This is such an old debate and Iv been involved in so so many over the years with fellow audiophiles members in different forums with both pros and Cons.

Anyhow I acutally agree with your very statement however.... 😁 That would be the " ideal situation" for me that would mean having decent quality mains sockets fitted and decent quality mains cables fuse box ext and you own your own home or even have a separate room with its own fuse box ect. However in the real world situation meaning my self here I never have that luxury. I live in rented private accommodation in a block of flats like so many other people... So alot of that mentioned in your statement unfortunately will not count for me in my situation and I'm fairly confident alot of other people are in a similar position as my self.

Iv had my ISOTEK mains unit for quite a few years now and I would never be without it thats for sure it has made a substantial difference in my situation for my entire Hi-fi system setup and TV. It certainly made a difference in suppressing mains Hum from my AV AMP and certainly made a very noticeable difference with noise floor level.

I acutally preformed a experiment during the first lockdown as I had more time to spare like most folks did and took it all away and just used a plain £10 mains extension from Wilkinsons.. Just to see if it was all an "act" or "so called" snake oil" as alot of people like that term...

I used it for 3 days... And boy what a difference. I was getting popping nosies from fridge/freezer the compressor coming on and off.. I was also getting alot of digital noise on my LG TV freeview signal kept glitching now and then. The transformer Hum was definitely noticeably louder from my AV AMP and their was far more congestion with all the music I was playing less suppression on the noise floor.

So I got fed up with it used that time and plugged it all back onto trusty Isotek Sirus Evo 3 and everything went back to how I had it more or less immediately. So for me in my situation it absolutely was worth every penny I spent on it.

The way I see it theirs always 2 sides to an argument or in this case debate 🙂👍. I do value your input and maybe one day I get that very chance to even have a dedicated room for all my gear that would be a dream come true for me 😎.


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Given you feel you benefit from it in your situation and your Isotek is working fine then leave it alone and enjoy the music. No point splashing out hard earned £ on something that fixes an issue that is not there or in this case already fixed.


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Hi @Ugg10.. I was more curious & interested on feedback to any members that currently own or have owned this Merlin mains block that's all.. 👍.


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If you want a clean and isolated power supply conditioners are a poor way to go about it.

A regenerator and isolator would be a far better route.

An isolated, regenerated supply makes more sense than trying to bodge a dodgy one.

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