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Hello, i put a DVD on my computer as an ISO file (By Ubuntu). When playing on my Dune, the movies stops at a certain point and jumps back to the topmenu. Apparently the ISO was not created correct/complete...

Are there better way to put a DVD on a computer than ISO?
ex Just copy the VIDEO_TS folder?


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What program do you use to rip the DVD?


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Ubuntu (OS) - right klick and copy to iso
Yeah mate, that's not going to work. All commercial video DVDs have some sort of copy protection and you will have to find a dedicated software program that lets you circumvent the protection. I could recommend a few program's for Windows, but unfortunately have no clue about Ubuntu, so you'll have to check on the dedicated Ubuntu forums to see what's out there.


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I suggest google


There seems to be several things you can try
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