Question ISF Expert Medium ,Warm 1 ,Warm 2 &Warm 3 2019 55SM8600 Model


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Hi Guys, Question in have a 4 months old 55SM8600 and have fully calibrated it to rtings setup which has worked out absolutely fantastic and way better than out the box setup.

Now I'm into understand that White Balance

Medium - Netural
Warm 1 - induces more red to a D65 standard
Warm 2 Even more red induced higher than needed for D65
Warm 3 To much red.

Okay ISF Expert is what I use on my 55SM8600 for all SDR Content 1080p freeview and 4K non-HDR

And it perfect.

And for HD10 I use Technicolour Expert mode over Cinema as I feel with Technicolour expert mode you look closely get more refined and sharper image, anyhow I use Warm 1.

Now I changed the white balance from Warm 1 to Medium to me which would be 0 or Netural for all SDR, HDR10 & Dolby Vision.

However I decided to change it to Warm 1 which is ISF Dark default so yes their seems to be quite a substantial difference its far more warmer but the whites tend to look more "pearl white" rather than just a brighter cooler white with medium.

I did read on sevral other forums regedit and AVS forums that whites acutally should be more a pearl white or a slightly off white. I'm a purest so would prefer the white to as accurate as possible.

I ran some HDR10 fottage like BBC Blue Planet II 10min in to a scene which shows coral reef loads of blues and some oranges and greens.As I switched between medium and warm 1 wow what a complete difference.

Also the colour of the sea under Medium the sea was lighter brighter blue, then change to warm 1 the sea is a far deeper richer blue tone.

Suddenly you realy see the big difference with Medium their is far more blue to the picture and seems to blow out or over shadow the other colours like reds or oranges. So then I switched to Warm 1 then suddenly blues goes write down and seems to allow all the other colours to flourish or stick out far more so the reds and greens seem to have far more presence or picture seems to be more balanced out.

Is this correct then 🤔🙄.. So Iv amended ISF Dark Mode for all SDR Freeview 1080p and 4K Ultra-HD - Non HDR10 Content to Warm 1 now.

Iv amended Technicolour Expert mode for HDR10 Content to Warm 1 and Dolby Vision to Warm 1.

I know my eyes will adjust to it over the coming days.

I also noticed that watching my favourite for the millionth time Star Trek Original Series on Netlfix as they are full remastered in 1080p with Warm 1 the acutall USS Enterprise ship it self seem to have more of a "gritty" look to its detials more so with Warm 1 than with medium.

Anyhow be great to know what others think 🤔 and advise I think warm 1 looks like it's absolutely correct. :thumbsup:
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I use Cinema for everything but let the TV do its own thing with DV and HDR. I have got to revisit the LED local dimming setting at some point. I have it set off at present and it’s been suggested that Medium stops so much flaring about bright scenes, credits, etc. I use Warm1 for colour.


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Hiya @Clem_Dye yeah me too iv always used local dimming on medium and that's works just perfect for me. Local dimming is one of those some people like it some people don't because of the way the "local" part of the dimming works so definitely each their own. It does not bother me and I'd rather have it on as its provides more posstives than negatives for my viewing for SDR & HDR10, DV.

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