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This is my first posting as I'm relatively new to the plasma scene.
I'm in the market to upgrade my std 32" TV to a wall mounted plasma.
After seeing the Pio 435XDE and the Pani 42PV500, I was edging towards the Pani solely due to its better clarity, sharpness and colour realness (especially skin tones and black backgrounds).
Placed an order for the Pani but heard the 436XDE was about to come out so cancelled the order and waited.
Have now seen the first rave review of the 436XDE in What Hifi. Went to my local dealer to see for myself and he mentioned the Fujitsu P50XHA40US. Thinking about it, if I'm going to spend this sort of money and my room is big enough for the 50" which it is, and hopefully will give 5-6 years of viewing, I've bit the bullet and have decided on the 50" (means selling the family, cat and renting my body out to medical science...but sacrifices have to be made!!!). The picture on the Fuji was outstanding through DVD. It had been ISF calibrated and was basically blown away by the clarity.
I haven't seen the Pio 506XDE as they hadn't any in but can anyone advise on the new Pio vs. Fuji?
Does anyone have any idea what the picture on the Fuji is like through a Freeview box and which one if I went for it, would you recommend?
Can anyone recommend an ISF calibrator in the Birmingham/Warwick area?
I would appreciate some help in this matter. Thanks.


Home Cinema Engineering (Piers) or Convergent AV ( Gordon ) .
Both can be found in the current advertisers list (forum info menu above) and both members and frequent posters .
Never used either of them , yet . But never seen a bad word written :smashin:


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