iscan ultra findings/advice needed


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Hi all,

I have just installed an iscan ultra to my system and i thought i'd post my findings. At the same time i would like to ask for a little advice.

I have run a dv88+ into an AX10i through component. I have also connected my sky+ digibox by component via a RGB>Comp convertor. The iscan then connects to a PW5 42" plasma by a bettercables silver serpent VGA cable.


1) DVD - no difference, not too suprising given the quality of the DVD player and the D-A, A-D addition. I have to say though that it is on a par with the players component output.

2) sky+ - dramatic improvement was noticable even immediately on looking at the tv guide screen. Everything was much clearer, if a little softer. The conference live game tonight while not perfect was at least watchable and live sports have been a big problem in the past.

Generally i'm happy that i can now switch sound and vision through the amp.

So has it been worth the money? To be honest i'm not sure. Maybe if i had a less capable player it would be. You wouldn't pay this amount for an improvement in a tv picture. Having said this i have yet to adjust any settings on the iscan. I ran DVE when i instslled it but i would be interested to hear what settings people are using?

The picture on sky is much better but there is a lip sync problem.
I am noticing a definite, noticable delay on my system now, some sky channels are worse than others.

Can i delay the sound from my AX10I? Sometimes the problem is not noticable but on some channels its unwathable.



do a search for stoomonster he posted his iscan settings.

you should see a improvment from dv88+ into iscan rather than the dv88+ going straight to plasma in progressive. put something like toy story/blade 1 were there is red writing. with the dv88+ it shows the chroma bug, through the iscan it dont , as the iscan has a chroma filter which removes this.

saying that i prefer the dv88+ going straight to plasma . picture my film like.

here are my settings they might be some use.
i have set all my picture setting on plasma to 0 with gamma to2.2

iscan ultra

brightness -10
contrast 00
saturation 00
hue 00
y/c delay 00
sharpness +3
fine detail +3
chroma filter on


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cheers jmack i'll try them

One strange thing i notice is the RGB to YUV convertor. I have to swap U and V around to get the right picture. Don't know why. Sky is much better. Chroma filter works well.


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Intereting to note that i have both the dvd and sky+ connected and seem to have no centreing issues at all. This is surprising considering previous posts. Has anyone else found this?


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Originally posted by rdt123

Can i delay the sound from my AX10I? Sometimes the problem is not noticable but on some channels its unwathable.

The AX10i has an Audio Delay feature to sort this out, probably accessed from the main setup menu.:)

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