Iscan Pro vs. internal doubler

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You may have seen from my previous posting that I've just bought a Philips DVD-963SA (PAL prog scan via component) for my Seleco SVP-400 (bought from Popeye). Alan from Owl has just informed me that the prog scan from this DVD player won't work with the pj (without a £500 mod) so the best option would be to buy an iscan pro. Great planning huh?? :blush:

I've pretty much come the end of my budget, so am tempted just to send an interlaced signal to the projector, and let the internal doubler do all the work. I used the projector in this configuration last night and was very happy with the results.

The big question is this: Will the iscan pro give me a LARGE jump in image quality over the internal line doubler? Is there anyone London based who'd be willing to give me a demo of the differences??



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You can buy a transcoder to turn YPrPb progressive out of your DVD player to RGBHV. Key Digital do one. It will retail for around £200 when they are in the country in mid December.

I would expect that the 400 would accept a signal in that form but you'd best check with Alan R. The de-interlacing of the DVD player (which uses the sage chipset I think) will be superior to that inside the projector.


p.s. An Iscan is also a large leap in quality over the internal doubler in the 400
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